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    150mm Vibration-resistant Lower/Back Mount Pressure Gauge with High Precision M20*1.5, G1/2”, 1/2” NPT ±0.25/0.4% Accuracy
    Application Description
    High Precision Pressure Gauge is used to calibrate general pressure gauge, and also applied for those gaseous, vaporous or liquid media which don’t explode, crystallize and freeze, and corrode stainless steel or brass.
    Product Description
    Nominal size: 150mm
    Accuracy class: ±0.4%
    Bourbon tube: C-shaped, stainless steel or brass
    Installation: Lower mount, back mount, or back mount with flange
    Connection: stainless steel or brass, M20*1.5, G1/2”, 1/2” NPT or other required threads
    Pointer: Aluminum, black
    Case: Aluminum, black
    Movement: stainless steel or brass
    Dial: Aluminum, black lettering
    Scale ranges: 0~60MPa or -0.1~2.4MPa
    Filled medium:Glycerin or silicone oil
    Working Pressure
    Steady pressure:3/4 * full scale range
    Fluctuating pressure:2/3 * full scale range
    Working Condition
    Working temperature:5~50℃
    Permissible humidity:No more than 80% of relative humidity
    Hongqi Instrument, established in 1993, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 150mm vibration-resistant lower/back mount high precision pressure gauge m20*1.5,g1/2”,1/2” npt ±0.25/0.4% accuracy in China. Providing you with low price and good service, we welcome you to wholesale the famous brands’ gauge made in China at cheap price from our factory.wholesale High Precision Pressure Gauge

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